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Online tourism is very much a growth industry as people look more and more towards the internet to plan and book their holiday. It is forecast that European e-commerce will grow at a rate of 33%pa over the next five years with online tourism playing a major role in that growth. The UK, where over half of all homes now have online access is set to lead the way (Source Forrester Research).

Combine this rapid online growth with the fact that it has never been easier to get to the Pyrenees (there are now over 300 flights per week from the UK to local regional airports) and it is clear to see that there is a lucrative English language tourist market to tap into. offers the English Language tourist a ‘one stop shop’ to package their own holiday on line; finding out where to go, what to do, what to see, where to stay and how to get there.

Placing an advert with us will help your business generate greater profits. It is simple to do, cost effective and will provide you with the following key benefits:

Raise Your Profile – Extend your reach out to the massive English Language tourist market

Increase your Enquiries – We focus solely on the Pyrenees, so every visitor is looking to book a holiday in your area

Take Control – Display comprehensive details and photos of your business. Update the information as often as you wish for free.

Competitive Rates – Global advertising 365 days of the year for less than the price of one traditional magazine ad.

Creating a Winning Advert

First impressions count and it is very important to quickly attract the potential tourist to what your business offers them. As a first step, look around the site to see how existing businesses structure their advert to help you in creating your own.

Each advert incorporates an area for descriptive text as well as an area for key facts. Please see our suggestions below on the type of information that you need to include:

Key facts

The key facts box provides the visitor with specific information to ascertain quickly whether your business is what he is looking for. Things like ‘will they be open when I am planning to come?’, ‘are the prices within my budget?’ or ‘does it offer the facilities I am looking for?’ are all questions that if answered positively will entice them to read on. If your business is not right for that potential visitor then they have wasted little time and can move on. You will also benefit from this as enquiries you receive will be high quality as they know what you offer and want to pursue!

A number of the key facts are laid out for you on the subscription form. All you will need to do is complete the template with your details. There are also several blank templates available for use. These allow you to add your unique selling points to the key fact box. For example a hotel may wish to highlight that all rooms are en suite, an enclosed secure children’s playground, Satellite TV available or that numerous video / DVD movies are available for viewing. These are all features of the business that may benefit the visitor and may sway their decision to book with you.

Although it is relevant to tell the visitor all the good things about your business it is also important not to overload the fact box with too much information as this can put people off and potentially hide the main selling points.

Descriptive text

The potential guest has read the fact box and is keen, that is why he has decided to read the descriptive text as well. This box now gives you the opportunity to introduce what you are all about and really sell the various features of your business, adding detail about what the visitor is likely to experience and how he will feel when using your services. For example ‘an open log fire’ is a feature but ‘relax with your favorite tipple in front of an open log fire at the end of a tiring day’ is an altogether more pleasurable experience!

Again, do remember that most people do not wish to read long paragraphs so the words should sell the benefits of your business whilst remaining concise.

Getting There

Please provide the gps co-ordinates for your business. To find these simply type your address into A map will appear of your location and the gps co-ordinates will be written near the bottom of the page. These will be plotted on a mapping system so that visitors can access an accurate, readable map to help find you. Consequently there is little need to provide this within the descriptive text, freeing up space for more interesting content!


It is extremely important that your photos make a good impact and promote your business positively. A bad photo can be worse than none at all so if you wish you can add your photos at a later stage when available. If your logo is more representative of your business then this can also be included.

Digital pictures are best. The design of the web site requires landscape photos or logos. A standard width of 210 pixels and height of 158 pixels is used. Images will be scaled when displayed so any fluctuation around this size is acceptable, assuming the proportions are the same. In some instances images may automatically be reduced to a fixed size landscape format (this distorts portrait photos). If smaller photos or logos are sent they will be increased in size but this will lead to a loss in resolution.

Ensure the maximum photo or logo file size is below 20k so that your page loads quickly.

You will supply your pictures to us by uploading them to our server as part of the subscription process. Please supply them in jpg format with the compression set to its lowest level. If you have any issues with your images, please contact us and we will advise.

Maximising Exposure

The level of hits that you receive can be positively influenced by increasing the visibility of your business across the website. Higher visibility can lead to increased enquiries and consequently greater bookings. Look through the options below to choose the ones that will suit your business best. Some you will want to add onto your subscription form whilst others may be better added at a later date to suit your business needs.

Multiple Business Pages

We believe that 1 page is sufficient for most businesses. However if you offer multiple services then additional pages are advised. For example, a Hotel Restaurant would get maximum benefit by creating one page to concentrate on the features of the accommodation to generate room bookings and one page to concentrate on the restaurant to generate greater restaurant bookings from residents and non-residents alike.

Additional destination listings

Listing in a second destination is an excellent way to reach more visitors and generate more interest. For example, your Gite is close to the ski resorts of Luchon and Peyragudes. By having your Gite profiled under the accommodation section of both resorts will increase the level of interest and potential for booking enquiries.

Additional category listings

Listing in a second category is another great way to reach more visitors and generate more interest. For example, you run a gite business specialising in Cycling holidays. By having your business profiled under the accommodation section and the cycling section will increase the level of interest and potential for booking enquiries. The categories that you choose must of course be relevant for your business and we will remove inappropriate placement if necessary.

High Visibility Regional and Destination Page Listings

Showcase your business on the high-visibility regional and destination overview pages. A listing here can greatly improve the level of interest in your business and consequently lead to a higher level of enquiries. This can be done on commencement of your annual subscription or at a later date to best suit your needs. Space is limited to three businesses here at any given time to further maximise your profile

Late Deals Area

Two of the most significant, growing trends impacting on the tourism industry are the rise in last minute bookings and taking more frequent but shorter holidays. These factors lead to less advance bookings and a greater number of guests are required to maintain occupancy levels. Inclusion in the late deals area will create maximum exposure to those booking last minute and help fill empty weeks.

It must be a genuine deal providing a better than usual package. This does not have to be a straight reduction in price, the potential guest may benefit from additional nights free, breakfast included or free airport transfer for example.

The exact position of your listing will be randomly generated daily so all advertisers have equal chance of a top of the page listing. A maximum of 10 businesses are permitted in the late deals area at any one time again to ensure that your business receives high exposure.


From time to time will compile a newsletter which is emailed to our members. A key part of any newsletter is profiling a particular destination. An article about your business in the newsletter can be an excellent way of raising your profile.


Business Page annual subscription with 2 photos 150€ pa A full web page dedicated to your business displaying comprehensive details and photos. The information can be updated as often as you wish for free
Multiple Business Pages with 2 photos on each page 2 pages 270€ pa
3 pages 380€ pa
4 pages 480€ pa
5 pages + poa
We believe that 1 page is sufficient for most businesses. However if you offer multiple services then additional pages are advised.
Additional destination & category listings 1 additional 50€ pa
2 additional 90€ pa
3 additional 130€ pa
4 additional 160€ pa
5 additional + poa
Listing in a second destination or category is an excellent way to reach more visitors and generate more interest.
Feature in the late deals area 25€ for 2 weeks
40€ for 4 weeks
Choose this Promotional Option and your item will appear in the late deals area achieving maximum exposure to those booking last minute to fill any empty weeks ²
Newsletter feature 50€ per newsletter Periodic newsletters are emailed to our free to join membership database. An article is included profiling your business
Regional page listing 40€ for 4 weeks Showcase your business on the high visibility regional overview page. listing here can greatly improve level of interest in your business and consequently lead to a higher level enquiries.
Destination page listing 25€ for 4 weeks Showcase your business on the high visibility destination overview page. A listing here can greatly improve the level of interest in your business and consequently lead to a higher level of enquiries.
¹ Adverts can only appear in appropriate categories. ePyrenees will remove any inappropriate placement if necessary.
² A business cannot run the same late deal for more than two months.

Methods of payment

All prices are quoted excluding TVA at 19.6%. Payment can be made via the secure on line server using paypal in euros or sterling. We also accept Cheques in euros drawn on a French or Spanish bank account.

Submitting your advert

Creating a winning advert will greatly increase the number of enquiries. Make sure you have read the section on creating a winning advert prior to completing the advertisement subscription form.

To make the process quick and easy please ensure that you have your descriptive text prepared, information for your key facts and two digital photos available prior to starting the signup process. To ensure your application is not delayed we do strongly advise you to use our secure online payment facility to complete the subscription process.

Our website is designed for the English language audience. If you are able to write your advert in English and wish to complete the application on line then please Click here.

Should you wish for our support in creating a winning advert geared to the English language audience then please fill in the contact form and we will contact you shortly.

Thank you for choosing We are confident that your business will benefit from choosing to advertise on our site. We hope that you receive many successful bookings to develop your business further.