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September 2007


B&B travellers prefer to research and book travel online

B&B travellers are highly educated and prefer to research and book travel online according to a new survey, conducted on 4,000 B&B travellers. Such travellers use the Internet not only for travel but for consumer and lifestyle products and ideas, too.

The survey also revealed that most travellers check multiple websites when researching travel. 7% claimed they checked only one website for hotel accommodation while 90% said they checked between two and four websites. B&B travellers however do somewhat less research, with over 27% claiming to check just one website for B&B accommodation, and over 72% checking between one and three sites.

Women are more likely to choose B&Bs; more than 78% of survey respondents were female.

Source ETC media review

Over-65s use the internet most in the UK

The British public is more tech-savvy than ever before, according to an Ofcom annual report that takes a look at the way the British public use existing and emerging technology. It reveals some interesting trends, including massive growth in mobile phone use, declining interest in TV and radio and a huge rise in web use.

Of the age groups surveyed, it is the over-65s (the so-called Silver Surfers) that use the web the most, spending an average of 42 hours per month online, more than any other age group.

Despite changes in the quantity of each activity, the average user still spends 50 hours per week making calls, using the internet, watching TV and listening to the radio.

Source Ofcom

85% of people plan to research or book online in the next 12 months

A recent survey of 2100 holidaymakers has shown that 85% of people plan to research or book online in the next 12 months. However, only 66% will use it to book flights and accommodation. These sales rates could be improved if websites enhance their design and navigation to become more user-friendly.

84% of respondents thought that booking online was an easier and quicker process, 82% felt the prices were better and 76% stressed the usefulness of 24 hour availability.

Survey carried out by YouGov

France becomes the third biggest online advertising market in Europe

France was not an early leader in Internet usage and French firms were relatively slow to advertise and market online. Now Internet penetration and online marketing are up and France is the third-largest online advertising market in Europe, behind the UK and Germany. eMarketer estimates that the French online ad market will grow more than 34% during 2007, and total more than EUR 3.18 billion by 2011. Source eMarketer, August 2007

This research was backed up by findings from Médiamétrie who stated that 17.9 million Internet users in France have made a purchase online in the first quarter of 2007, representing 63% of Internet users in the country. This represented a 19% increase compared to the end of 2005.

Source European Travel Commission

Travel websites are the most visited sites in France

Travel websites are the most visited sites in France according to the Ipsos media profiling study. 40% of respondents visited travel websites whilst DIY/Decoration/Gardening websites claimed second place with 34% of respondents visiting such sites. Health & wellbeing sites attracted 33%, new technologies 25% and mode (clothes etc.) websites were visited by 21% of respondents.

Source Ipsos Média, February 2007