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Health & Leisure

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Jacuzzi Relax and soak tired limbs in a hot tub after a long day in the mountains or just pamper yourself, why not!


Sauna Cleanse, detoxify and relax. Beating your skin with birch twigs to help open the sweat glands or emersing yourself in ice-cold water immediately after to increase the flow of endorphins for maximum benefit to your circulation and muscles is entirely up to you!

Thermal spa

Thermal spa The healing qualities of the hot natural springs in the Pyrenees have been well regarded since the eighteenth century. The spas are now a godsend for weary walkers and skiers to relax their muscles after a hard day in the mountains


Hammamm Hammam (or Turkish bath) is the Turkish variant of a steam bath emanating from the Ottoman culture. A typical hammam consists of three interconnected rooms similar to a Roman spa with a hot room, warm room and a cool room.


Golf Ideallic surroundings to enjoy a game of golf. Does the ball travel further at altitude? Can you knock a couple of shots off your PB? Why not find out by testing your skills on a number of golf courses in the Pyrenees


Tennis France keeps producing high calibre tennis stars like Henri Leconte, Yannik Noah, Guy Forget and Mary Pierce. Not surprising because there are tennis courts everywhere and that includes the Pyrenees