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Biarritz Biarritz
Fact Box
An Ocean of Creative Energy

Natural wonders
The Atlantic coastline

Sports and Leisure
Europe’s Surf Paradise
France’s Golf capital
Spa & Thalassotherapy centres
Biarritz Olympique Rugby

Contrasting architecture
Hotel du Palais
Biarritz Lighthouse
Traditional Basque Houses
Art deco Museum of the Sea
Biarritz Media Library
Municipal Casino

Inland sports
Horse riding
Mountain biking
Situated in the south west of France and gateway to the Basque country and Spain, Biarritz has been a fashionable tourist destination since the flamboyant Empress Eugenie discovered the charms of this once sleepy whale-fishing port. Europe’s royalty and the jet-set soon followed and the seaside resort was born.

Following the heady days of the ‘Belle Époque’ Biarritz took advantage of its thunderous Atlantic coastline to become one of Europe’s first surfing destinations in 1957, an event being marked through a program of 50th anniversary celebrations. This includes the surfing exhibition at the central casino, national and international competitions and numerous celebrations of 50 years of surf culture through its associated art, films and music.

Constantly re-inventing itself Biarritz is now synonymous with health and well-being through its spa and thalassotherapy centres making good use of natural salt water and seaweed remedies and enjoys a burgeoning reputation as the golf capital of France. 10 high quality golf courses are available in a 30km radius as well as the internationally renowned Ilbarritz golf training centre.

Despite all of these tourist influences Biarritz remains true to its Basque roots. The passion is ever present in the form of traditional Basque sports such as Pelota and the red and white of the Biarritz Olympique Pays-Basque rugby team.

Biarritz today is an eclectic mix of proud Basque heritage, unashamed luxury, bohemian living, surf paradise and gold capital. Chic hotels and art deco facades, pavement cafes, surf shops and stylish boutiques combine with the ever present ocean to create a style and character unique to Biarritz. Complete with international airport and direct flights from London (daily), Dublin and Shannon airports, Biarritz is the ideal holiday destination.
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