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Côtes de la Malpère wines Côtes de la Malpère wines
Malpère & the Razès
Fact Box
Red and Rose

515 hectares

Ageing ability
2 - 5 yrs (up to 10 yrs for great vintages)

Grape varieties
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cot, Grenache Noir and Cinsaut (for the rosés)

Food Choice
Reds - Red meat, game
Rosés - As an aperitif or with entrees, grills, exotic cuisine

Côtes de la Malpère

The Côtes de la Malpère AOVDQS covers 31 communes to the southwest of Carcassonne between the Limouxin and the Canal du Midi, spread over the slopes of the Massif de la Malpère which peaks at the Mont Naut at 442 metres (1,450 feet).

The vines are planted only on the poorest terrain, mainly on sandstone slopes in an area where the climate varies from Mediterranean on the southern slopes to markedly Atlantic on the western side.

The wines are robust and fruity.

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