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Maury wines Maury wines
The Fenouilledes
Fact Box
Red, white (3%)

954 hectares

Ageing ability
Up to 30 years and more (depending on the type of wine)

Grape varieties
Mainly Grenache Noire (at least 50%), Grenache Gris and Blanc, also Macabeu, Malvoisie and Muscat

Food Choice
All Maury wines - As an aperitif
Young Wines - Melon, fruit, puddings
Mature wines - Roquefort, goats’ cheese, chocolate or coffee cake


The Maury Vineyard is a quadrilateral shape, three kilometres wide by eleven Kilometres long. It starts in the plain of Estagel and ends in the west at the gates of Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet. The vines are planted on small slopes in a basin area bordered to the north and south by spectacular limestone cliffs. To the north looms the Cathar Castle of Queribus.

The Maury vin doux naturel comes from a fairly homogeneous terroir. It is produced mainly from Grenache Noir grown almost exclusively on black schist, hence the name Maury from Amarioles or Amarilolas meaning ‘black earth’

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